Leadership PRO Curriculum

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  22. Leadership
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  23. Situational Awareness
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  24. Decision Making
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  25. Communication
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  26. Teamwork
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  27. Human Factors
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Introducing the leadership skills necessary to direct, manage and support a team to accomplish tasks for set targets.

  • None of the other critical TRM skills can be fully effective without solid leadership.
  • Great leadership allows individuals and teams to break the barriers that separate average performance from superior performance.
Situational Awareness

Developing and maintaining a dynamic awareness of the situation and the risks present during operations. Techniques for gathering information, understanding what the information means and using it to think ahead about what may happen next.

  • Understanding of the concept of component skills and influencing factors
  • Utilizing mutual support to enhance situational awareness

Decision Making

Diagnosing a situation and reaching a judgement to choose an appropriate course of action. 

  • Examining individual “decision making” factors
  • Identifying factors that have a detrimental effect on decision making


The exchange (transmission and reception) of information, ideas and beliefs, by verbal and non-verbal methods.

  • Role of communication for safe and efficient operations and the factors that influence it
  • Communication accountability
  • Techniques for giving feedback, listening, briefing and assertiveness


Working in a group to ensure joint task completion to include coordination, cooperation and conflict resolution.

  • Examining the effectiveness of the team as a unit
  • Key skills that help a team work well to achieve smooth task execution, safe operations and job satisfaction for team members

Human Factors

Interaction of individuals with each other, with facilities, with equipment and with management systems. 

  • Recognize the symptoms of stress and fatigue in themselves and others, and identifying the techniques to cope with these factors
  • Gaining an understanding of how performance shaping factors such as fatigue and stress (acute and chronic) can affect job performance and individual well being

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What is Leadership PRO?

Leadership PRO by CAVU International is the name of our school.

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The course subscription lasts 12-months and you will have the option to renew at a significantly discounted rate year after year.

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